Scheme For Supply of Foodgrains to SC/ST/OBC Hostels/Welfare Institutions

With a view to meet the requirement of Hostels /Welfare Institutions viz. . N.G.Os/ Charitable Institutions which help the shelterless/homeless poor and other categories not covered under TPDS or under any other Welfare Schemes, an additional allocation of foodgrains (rice and wheat) not exceeding 5% of the BPL allocation of each State/UT is made to States/UTs at BPL rates. This scheme was initially introduced in 2002-03 to liquidate the stocks of foodgrains. Even though stock position of foodgrains in the Central Pool in recent years were not comfortable, the scheme has been continued.


 During 2005-06, the allocation and offtake of foodgrains under the scheme were reviewed on recommendation of the Parliamentary Standing Committee for Food. The allocation to the States/UTs accordingly was rationalized w.e.f. August, 2005 on the basis of average offtake of previous three years