The National Consumer Helpline (NCH) was formally launched on 15th March 2005, (i.e. World Consumer Rights Day) The Department of consumer Affairs has sanctioned a National Consumer Helpline Project in coordination with Delhi University, Dep't. Of Commerce. Consumers from all over the country can dial toll-free number 1800-345-3891 and seek telephonic counseling for problems that they face as consumers. After NCH was successfully Operated, the Department of Consumer Affairs established at the State level State Cosumer Helplien further boosting the consumer movement in the country.

Objectives of Consumer Helpline:

State Consumer Helpline has been established with the following objectives:

i) Development of a state resource at State level to be networked with national resource centre.

ii) Developing an Alternate Consumer Disputes Redressal mechanism at the State Level

iii) Maximisation of disputes resolved out of court

iv) Early resolution of complaints.

v) Reaching out to rural consumers.

vi) Capacity building of State level VCOs.

vii) Sensitizing companies and Service providers to become more active in dispute resolution.

viii) Provision of service in regional language in addition to English language.

Actions taken by The State Consumer Helpline, Mizoram:

The cases are filled in a form provided by the SCH which are received by the State Consumer Helpline and then recorded in the presence of the Complainant. After this, necessary actions are taken through phone call and sometimes both the complainant and the opposite party are summoned together at the SCH Office to resolve their issue with the presence of the State Consumer Helpline Staff.

How to write a complaint?

Complaints can be made in written and through telephone. After the complaint is made, action is taken by the staff of Consumer Helpline. The complaints are received during Government office working days. All the complaints are entertained free of charge.

National Consumer Helpline Toll free 1800 - 11- 4000

Mizoram Consumer Helpline 1800 - 345 - 3891

Landline 0389-2300488