The main objective of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department is to ensure, by undertaking State Trading Scheme, regular supply of foodstuffs at reasonable price to the general public, particularly to the weaker section of the society under the nation wide net work of PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM in the State of Mizoram and to ensure supply of essential commodities at reasonable price to the public at large.


The Department is headed by Director who is declared as Head of Department and necessary financial power has been delegated to him by Government for the proper implementation of the scheme. He is responsible for proper implementation of the Scheme including maintenance of Trading Accounts, compilation of Annual Financial Statement of the Scheme “PROFORMA ACCOUNTS” and yearly submission of the same to Government of Mizoram and to the Accountant General.


The Directorate formulates the schemes and policy to be followed in respect of procurement, storage and distribution of foodstuff and also prescribe forms and procedures to be followed by Subordinate Offices. The Directorate will have control over all such offices and prescribe forms for reports and returns to be submitted periodically by all such offices and it is the duty and responsibly of the field Officers to comply with such instructions and procedures and submit the prescribed reports and returns within the stipulated time to the Directorate.

The following are the business allocated to the Department vide Eleventh Schedule of the Mizoram (Allocation of Business) Rules, 2014:


1. Food and Civil Supplies.
2. Essential Commodities Act.
3. Price Control and Rationing.
4. Inter-State movement permits of food-stuff.
5. Supply Advisory Boards.
6. Warehouse.
7. Control, distribution and regulation of LPG.
8. Control, distribution and regulation of POL and its products.
9. Control, distribution and regulation of Essential Commodities.
10. Consumer Afffairs - Consumer Protection including Mizoram Consumer Disputes Redressal and District Forum.
11. Legal Metrology.