The Supply and Transport Department was established on 15th May, 1972 vide Govt. of India letter No.7/15/72-CITS of 31.3.1972. Mizoram became a Union Territory from the State of Assam on 21st January, 1972. The task assigned to the Department was equitable distribution of essential commodities to the public and also to look after the inter and intra-State/UT movement of passengers and goods. Soon after Mizoram became a full-fledged State on 20th February, 1987, the Department of Supply and Transport was bifurcated into Civil Supplies Department and Transport Department on 4th June, 1987 vide Notification No.STE.63/78/95 dt.04.06.1987. Thereafter, the subject of food was allocated to Civil Supplies Department and renamed, Food & Civil Supplies Department. On 17thNovember, 2004, it was renamed “Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department” after the subject of Consumer Affairs was allotted to it. 


Food, Civil Supplies and Consumers Affairs Department is listed under the Schedule XII of the Mizoram Allocation of Business (AoB) Rules, 2019 vide GAD’s Notification No.A-46013/1/2017-GAD, the 19th June, 2019. The following are the business allocated to Food, Civil Supplies and Consumers Affairs Department as per the Mizoram Allocation of Business (AoB) Rules, 2019.

1. Food and civil supplies.

2. Essential Commodities Act.

3. Price control and rationing.

4. Inter-State movement permits of food-stuff.

5. Warehouse for public distribution system.

6. Control, distribution and regulation of LPG.

7. Control, distribution and regulation of POL and its products.

8. Quality control, distribution and regulation of essential commodities.

9. Consumer affairs - Consumer protection including Mizoram State Consumer Disputes Redressal   

     and District Forum.

10. Legal Metrology.

11. Standards of weights and measures.

12. Bureau of Indian Standard related matters.

13. Implementation of NFSA including Constitution of Grievance Redressal Mechanism.

14. Test and re-calibration of water meter. 


            The Office of FCS&CA Department, Government of Mizoram is located at Room No. 228, 2nd Floor, Building No. 2, Mizoram Secretariat, New Capital Complex (MINECO), Khatla, Aizawl, Mizoram while the Directorate is located at Treasury Square, Aizawl and Legal Metrology at Hunthar, Aizawl.